Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spice gun

Even people who like cooking sometimes encounter such a situation when the process itself seems to be pretty boring. But as you know you should be at least in a satisfactory mood to prepare a decent meal. To help you solve this problem Chinese designer Zhu Fei invented a very strange gun.

His gadget is a spice gun that helps you make the process of cooking funnier and more interesting. Thus, this gun fires with special bullets that are filled with spice. Using an air bag that compresses when the trigger is pressed, the Spice Gun allows for the bottom of the seasoning bottle to be hit by the handspike, blasting seasoning all over your food. Moreover there is a small button designed to change the bullet. So in case you need a certain "bullet" just push the button. In addition to that the gadget has very original design and does not look like a real gun at all.

Unfortunately additional details on the Spice Gun are scarce. Furthermore, it's still a concept and there is no such a real product yet. But in case this gun is produced in the near future,it will be in demand.

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