Thursday, March 6, 2008

Simple MP3 Player

It's not a secret that some people like things to be simple. Because of this a lot of different simple devices were designed lately. Of course they are not as multifunctional as their counterparts, but are much cheaper and smaller. Bomi Kim following this trend has recently designed the simplest MP3 player.

His gadget doesn't have even a name. It's just referred to as the "Tactile MP3 player". Why tactile? Simply because the 5 basic controls necessary to master your music are something like Braille, i.e. a system of writing for the blind consisting of raised dots that can be interpreted by touch. Thus, the main idea of this concept consists in the fact that you can control your music by simple touches. Given gadget is so small that it looks more like a usual button, so at first sight hardly someone would be able to understand that it's a MP3 player. Device has a pretty slick exterior that resembles a dollop of shiny mercury. It has a single jack plug that is used both for headphones and USB cable as well. As for the price of this concept it's not available yet, but it will be a moderate one, for sure.

To sum up this gadget represents quite a decent combination of simplicity and originality. As regards its disadvantages I wouldn't say that there are some, except the lack of functionality. Moreover, those who decide to purchase this device will probably take this disadvantage for granted.

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