Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I-T Click Click

If you have own laptop, I bet you knows about touchpad, thing that was designed to replace mouse. But, sometimes when you need to work with big amounts of text, touchpad becomes very annoying.

Of course, usual mouse can do this much better, but sometimes there is no room for operate it normally, and their size is also not very comfortable.

I can suggest you this tiny mouse. It called I-T Click Click, looks very different from all the mice I've ever seen. It has oblong form, which resembles a stick, two buttons and a scroll wheel - all needed functions that you'll expect from normal mouse. However, this is where the differences begin. Because of its oblong form two buttons simply cannot fit on top of it. So the left button, or at least, the button which does the "Left Mouse Button" functions, is on top, while the "Right Mouse Button" is... no, not on the right side, but on the LEFT side of it.

Pretty unusual to click "Right Mouse Button" with a finger that is to the left of "Left Mouse Button". It may be confusing at first, but it is a matter of habit - after some time you will be operating with this mouse easily without even thinking about unusual button map. In case if this left-right swap is making you nervous, you can always change it in Mouse Settings afterwards. The scrolling wheel is placed near the front button; it has a comfortable size and position. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), it is not wireless, so you will be limited with a cord going right inside your laptop.

So, this tiny mouse will be useful for those who like originality, and for all that laptop users who often miss their tailed friend when taking laptop outside. It is already available at Germany and Spain for a tiny price of 12 Euros.

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Rezki said...

Unik bgt.tapi 12 euro itu berapa ya?