Monday, March 3, 2008

An "edible" message

Sometimes we feel the necessity to leave a message to the members of our family in order to remind about something, give some instructions or just say endearing words. In such situations everybody finds different solution: some use just a sheet of paper and put it on the place where it can be easily seen, others buy special tables, which are generally attached to refrigerators or walls, and etc.

Yet, a new method, which helps to make your message more original, has been recently found. The given gadget is designed to write messages on toasts. Quite an unusual message, isn't it? Moreover, the process of writing itself becomes more pleasant and interesting. The only thing you have to do is to take a special pen and to write on the toaster whatever you want. After that your message will be printed on the toast. That's it.

Thus, this gadget can be considered as a very useful one, because you prepare food and write messages at the same time. Besides that, children will love it for sure. It will be a sort of amusement for them. However, it should be mentioned that the size of the message is very limited, preventing you from writing "poems". Though, it can be used for fun.

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