Saturday, March 8, 2008

Phone In The Wall

No one likes all these telephone wires that are everywhere. At the same time everyone is in the habit of pacing the floor with a telephone receiver in his/her hand. That's why a lot of different wireless phones where designed. Yet, the fact that they are wireless means that sometimes you have to recharge the receiver.

A new concept that will help to solve this problem appeared. Both telephone receiver and charger have no wires. Moreover the charger is very compact. So, in order to charge it you just have to insert the charger into the wall outlet and attach the receiver, which has a big hole in the center. Thus, the charger that has a lot of light-emitting diodes on it serves as a receiver holder too. LEDs will help you to find it easily in the dark. Design of this gadget can be considered as its significant advantage, because it's really very stylish and looks more like a high-end cell phone.

However, frankly speaking, this concept can not be regarded as something extremely original, because it does not perform any unusual functions. So, most likely it will attract pe

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