Thursday, March 20, 2008

Samsung YP2 - MP3 Player

Samsung YP-P2 is a strong entry for Samsung into the flash MP3 player market. It seems to be Samsung’s answer to the iPod Touch; it has a similar touch screen. It is also equipped with Bluetooth technology for connecting to headphones or speakers remotely. It can even play FM radio and record songs, something the iPod Touch can’t do.

The P2 is compatible with most music subscription services (it plays protected WMA files), although it won’t work with iTunes Music Store songs. It comes in 4 and 8GB versions and the 3 inch screen and resolution are some of the best out of this category of player.

In the end, the P2 didn’t
make it higher up in the rankings because it is quite a bit larger than many of the other players and significantly more expensive. But it’s still a great player with a lot of good features.

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