Monday, February 18, 2008

Sony rolls out roll-along music player

Is Sony's new portable music playar an attempt to cash in on the Rugby World Cup? With its ovoid shape, the Rolly certainly has a football feel, but instead of air, this ball packs in an MP3 player, funky coloured lights and a pair of loudspeakers. And it moves.

The palm-sized gadget - model number SEP-10BT - has 1GB of on-board storage, which you can fill from a PC connected by USB or Bluetooth. The unit plays MP3 files, but unlike Sony's newest Walkman players, retains Sony's own Atrac format in place of Windows Media Audio. It can play out loud songs streamed over Bluetooth, too.

The 300g player has its own rechargeable battery which is good for five hours' music playback. Switch on Rolly's multi-coloured lighting and its ability to... well... roll along on its own, and play time drops to four hours, Sony said.


-imam- said...

wah keren juga pula...wah kapan ya bisa punya hehe

It's a sony man!

Suardiana said...

hhhmmm sony emang best, oh ya linknya dah saya pasang. nice blog :)

Ani said...

Met sore, makasih kunjungannya n salam kenal. Thanks ya dah ngelink blogku. Sabar ya, ntar ku link balik kalau buka kompie dari rumah (di kantor nggak bisa login nih).
Btw, blognya mbok dipasangin shout box, biar gampang ninggalin pesannya.

Sani said...

Salam kenal juga. Sdh di add ya linknya .. sukses selalu :)

Sani said...

Thanks bro .. semoga artikelnya bisa membantu .. :)