Friday, February 8, 2008

GPSlim 236

Holux GPSlim 236 Slim Bluetooth GPS Sirf III laptop PDA PALM IPAQ PC Receiver
The Holux GPSlim236 Wireless GPS Receiver with SiRF-Star-III high sensitivity built-in chipset is an easy-to-use trip-guiding tool. You are able to enjoy brand-new experience in driving with Bluetooth technology of GPS Receiver, and have GPS connection without a cable. It's more convenient and flexible. Enjoy the GPS life!
Failure of Bluetooth means poor choice
Such a promising device. Worked great with Google Maps on my Blackberry right until the Bluetooth stopped working. Many people seem to have this problem and Holux support is non existent.
Still great almost two years after purchase
I purchased the Holux GPSlim 236 almost two years ago and it still works perfectly. I use it [along with iNav iGuidance software] daily and have never had a moments problem. It sits on the dash of my car all day, every day and continues to amaze me with its performance. It initializes quickly and always has enough satellite coverage to find my location. This poor gps receiver has been ABUSED and never gives up. It has been thrown from my dash more than once [during spirited driving] and it still didn't lose its signal. All in all, one of the better tech purchases I have made.

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