Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Portable Audio : Music Jacket

In case you like music, but are usually on the go, portable audio player will do the job. However, what if the headphones disturb you or you just want to make everybody listen to your beats? Very few models offer speakers functionality, and even if they do, it is hard to hear music coming from a pocket. Possible solutions? You can keep music player in your hand, but it is not very comfortable. If you want to keep your hands free while listening to music, then you would probably love this gadget.

MP3 Smart Jacket offers just the possibility of listening to music comfortably and keeping your hands and your mind free of this problem. It looks just like life jacket, with one exception: it will not save your life, but will save you from boredom instead. Colored in bright colors, this gadget will be clearly seen at night so drivers, if you like jogging at nights, will surely notice you. Two integrated speakers and a mini jack connector give possibility to connect almost every music player to this jacket, and a zipped pouch protect your device from accidentally falling out. Speakers are covered by protective covers, which guard them from dust or small splashes. Moreover, this jacket offers on / off switch and volume control buttons for easy and comfortable control over your music.

This original gadget will be useful when you need music but cannot hold your player at hand - for example while jogging, biking or skating. Of course, loud music can be annoying, so try to not disturb anyone with loud music coming from your jacket, especially at night or early morning.

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