Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SD-featuring MP3-enabled Headphones

In the era of wireless technologies, it is obvious that everything that was wired before has its wireless twin. There are wireless PC accessories, wireless Bluetooth headsets etc. Wireless headphones become more and more popular. However, there is one huge flaw of wireless technology - it needs batteries to run, and it drains them pretty fast. So the Bluetooth headphones can power off even if your player is full of energy. Unpleasant surprise to leave without music in a trip or walk, isn't it? Nevertheless, who needs Bluetooth when MP3 player can be right inside the headphones, integrated with them?

New SkullCandy headphones offer wireless audio without wireless technologies - audio player is integrated right inside them, so no Bluetooth-enabled device is required. Everything you need for music listening is in built in. Just put those on your head and you are ready to go. Unlike most of MP3 enabled headphones, the memory on this is limited only by capacity of SD card. Yes, it has a SD slot, so you can expand the amount of music stored as you like. No word about SDHC support, but in any case up to 4 gig of music - very impressive!

The device lacks a screen, but when headphones are on your head, who will read it anyway! On the right side of them control buttons are placed, they can be easily reached. The Li-Ion battery inside them are easily and rapidly rechargeable, don't know about battery life, but without Bluetooth it must be fair enough to hold for 9-10 hours at least.

These headphones are perfect purchase if you hate wires and like to listen to music on shuffle. They have three color schemes: orange / brown, yellow / white, and black, to fit almost every style. The price on this gadget is unknown for the moment, but it will be announced soon.

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