Saturday, February 16, 2008

Grocery List Organizer

Grocery List Organizer
The instructions for adding a product could be clearer - which is probably why some give up on the product. Instead of having to move the arrow to each letter to spell in a new product you can just speak the letter. When spelling, you don't have to press Record. You also have to be aware that each added product needs to go in its own group so the printout will put it in the correct category.

A couple of places I have had problems:
1. have to find the word again to pronounce the word more than once (e.g. glucosamine is not recognized with just one training).
2. Adding a word (by spelling) is very easy if the unit is on the refrigerator but is close to impossible if you are trying to set it up on your desk before you put it on the refrigerator
3. Instructions for adding multiple units are OK but haven't gotten them to work. Haven't tried coupons. It's easier to just mark on the list by pen.

All in all it's very useful even if you don't have the time or energy to figure out all of the features. And it's readable - unlike our prior grocery list!

This nifty organizer from SmartShopper eliminates the need to dig up a pad of paper and a pencil and try to remember what you need when you want to make a shopping list. Keep this handy device stuck to your fridge magnetically, or mount it on the kitchen wall with the included kit, and you're set to go. At breakfast when the milk runs out, simply push the Record button and say "milk." At lunch when you realize you're out of bread, push and speak again. Kids will love helping out. You can also add errands, such as going to the bank or post office. Entries are automatically alphabetized. When you push the Print button, the list is printed with errands at the top and food items by category, to make your shopping expeditions more efficient.

Easy and intuitive to use, the SmartShopper is already loaded with state-of-the-art voice recognition software, a thermal printer that doesn't require ink, and 2,500 item names, for everything from brand-name cereals to antacids to paper towels. Three rolls of thermal paper are included as well. All you need to add are four AA batteries. Arrow buttons allow you to scroll through your list, delete an item if you wish, or add a customized item to the pre-loaded list. With its brushed metal exterior, large LCD window, and front-loading door for paper, the SmartShopper makes a great gift, especially for those who may have trouble writing due to arthritis and other health conditions.

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