Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wireless Mouse : Pen-Shape

Everybody knows that mouse is very important as a control unit for any PC user. One can hardly imagine that there is an alternative to this device known that we are accustomed to. But it is not the fact that the traditional form of the mouse is the most convenient and efficient. So, some designers feel that there is a possibility to change the way the mouse looks like.

The gadget is proposed that a wireless mouse looks like a normal pen. Actually, this unique device acts as a simple pen and allow you to view everything you want, but if you assign the recipient and paste it into your USB port, the pen is transformed into a wireless mouse. So functionality and portability of the concept, its key advantages compared with a normal mouse.

It has three buttons on the side positioned in the line. So the user can have the three keys to operate. But it has no scrolling wheel, which reduces the usability.

I have no doubt that this gadget is great for casual players, surfing, but if you are with graphic design, or something like this, you are probably on some issues, at least on the first shot. There is no information about refillable cartridges, but I hope that the pen comes with them, because otherwise it would be a waste of money to purchase a new device every time you need one. Nevertheless, it is quite a decent idea that the most likely have their supporters.

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