Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cell Phone with Light Flash

According to the opinion of some designers in 2014, that their creations would probably provoke the development of the next generation of mobile phones could correspond to reality. One of these extremely innovative designs, Peter Koren Flash mobile phone.

This gadget is very slim, slim, and has no keys; also touch-screen color e-ink display, wireless charging station, camera, and menu navigation on vertical and horizontal flicks are also available. But it is a unique feature of the current mobile phone, it would be probably very popular in the future. The concept has an interactive projector so that IT projects interface on any surface and can detect finger gestures with the help of the moving camera. Sun, device can be used both in normal operation and projected modes. You can even snap a picture and an overlay interface - say for interactive graphical presentations, games or something else - the possibilities are endless. You also have the opportunity to project your feelings and symbols to other people.

There is no doubt that it is a really wonderful gadget. Its properties and ultramodern design would lovers of high-tech equipment. But we have to wait a long time before it would be possible to use this phone.

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