Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Universal Chargers

Universal chargers are popular today, because the popularity of portable rechargeable gadgets. Almost every gadget needs its own charger, and an iPod, PDA, GPS and cell phone with you on holiday means that you are condemned to four different chargers. Why do all these troubles, if they can be combined in a pretty sight air blower with many adapters. There are many of these devices on the market, so that every manufacturer wants some new features, product will be unique in some way. While solar charging station equipment and universal chargers can no longer marvel separately, their combination looks very interesting and new.

Brando Multipurpose solar charger is really a universal charger. Universal in full meaning of the word - it can devices from your AC adapter, USB cable, and even solar energy! Unlike most of the solar chargers, it is quite small and easy to carry. It has a 1350 mAh Li-Pol battery inside, you can use it like charger, even if the device is switched on. Especially crafted solar batteries with high convert solar energy efficiency will fully recharge the internal battery in 10-15 hours, in case you are with AC adapter, it will be less than 5 hours. Of course, actual date of survey instruments depends on their battery parameters. This universal charger has five portable devices ports: Sony Ericsson Fast port, Samsung, mini-USB (for Motorola / HTC / Dopod / BlackBerry / MP3 / MP4), Nokia (2mm), Nokia (3.5 mm). Do not panic if your model is not listed here, because charging station may have a built-in USB connection - so easy, take your iPod cable with you, and you'll be all set. This device can also serve as a flashlight-it has a bright LED on its side just in case.

They are not sure how long the 1350 mAh battery will hold, but it is definitely a good combination of all abilities charger: Solar-charging station, multi-device connectivity and a built-in battery. It can certainly be useful during a holiday, if you forgot to make your cell phone and not worry about missing important calls. For it is a very interesting device.

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