Saturday, April 19, 2008

Convert Ut Photo to DVD

Today, personal computers can almost do everything you can in all areas from work to entertainment. But more and more a function gadgets displayed, adventage most important is that they are completely independent and do not need a computer to operate. Although it may sound strange, in some situations than they can handle the big and powerful PC, especially if you consider it 1-2 main functions only. For example, if you like digital photography, and want to show your works of art to friends or family, you probably would prefer to see them in a slideshow on a TV screen as a tiny camera on display. Unfortunately, such a task requires computer and some time to convert, or select photos. This gadget does the job much easier. In fact, it is not necessary at all computer!

Digital Photo to DVD Converter is designed to simplify all transfers of photo memory card to DVD. It converts all images in JPEG and MPEG videos, as it burns it onto a blank DVD disc and let's go - Disk is ready to be observed on a DVD player or PC. It generates the index files to photo ads even more convenient. Built-in card reader for six types of memory cards supports all popular formats, the digital cameras use (Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, Multi-Media Card, Microdrive), and if the ports to a PC can be connected as a card reader. If the DVD player is not around, this gadget can show all images even with the help of RCA and S-video connections. The controls are very simple - your plug-in card, insert a blank DVD inside, and after a single push of a button and a few minutes, the photo DVD will be ready to observe.

Of course, the simplification has its shortcomings. First, you can not control how many photos you want - they all are on DVD. Secondly, it only makes the basic slide shows, while using PC beautiful slide shows with music and visual effects. Thirdly, some photos need correction before they can be displayed, this gadget is not such functionality. If you need a quick and easy tool to convert all photos from your camera into a PhotoDVD than you probably keen to $ 199.95 with such low-cost device.

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