Thursday, April 24, 2008

Virtual Laser Wall For Pedestrian

We all know from childhood that red light means stop. If you usually drive sure you obey the traffic light signals each time. Unfortunately, not everyone obeys them, who constantly leads to accidents. Why? Maybe they just do not notice the red light. In any case, this behavior is very dangerous on the road. The police tried to scare drivers with large penalties, installed cameras recognize that violate ... But this problem may have another way to solve them. What about ... virtual wall, with synchronized traffic lights?

This interesting approach shows us how the problem of dishonest drivers can be treated. The main parts of this system are two laser-equipped, that directly in front of each other on the different sides of the road. When the red lights, lasers, the wall remains practically in the way of drivers. This wall shows moving images of pedestrians walk across the street and is clearly seen even in daylight. The actual pedestrians will also be displayed because the transparency of these "wall". These lasers are simple, so that no flat tires or your stall when the engine crossed, but apparently, this system can inform the police about your debt and send you some information about the car and its owners.

Very interesting concept, but there is no information on the cost of these things. Allegedly, they consume huge amounts of energy and is too expensive. It is still an opportunity to show advertising on these "walls" to compensate for costs, so that nothing is impossible. Perhaps such "walls" will watch pedestrians and reduce the amount of accidents caused by disobeying the traffic lights. Unfortunately this is only a concept, with no real prototype yet.

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