Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Speed Up a Slow Pc

If you recognize that you need to speed up slow PC, you can be happy to know that it's not very difficult. In most cases, you can speed up your PC to download by simply some software and operating a few other programs that are probably already on your computer. Here are 6 things you can do to speed up slow PC and get a better performance from him.

1st Remove unused files and programs

If you do not have done it for a certain time, then help to remove a lot of additional files, which accumulate every time you use the Internet. You can run faster PC performance by eliminating additional files in your Internet Temp folder in your trash, and in the Temp folder. Also, be sure that your settings for storing Internet files are 1 to 3 weeks. This will help to ensure that this file sizes under control.

2nd Run Registry Cleaner software

Over time, your computer's Registry file is filled with many useless files and data, which is slow down your computer considerably. Registry Cleaner software can speed up slow PC performance by cleaning out useless data and make it correctly. You must use this software frequently to keep this file.

3rd Remove spyware and adware

Spyware and adware can also slow down your PC. Get spyware and adware removal software that will eliminate them for you. It could be hundreds or more, on your computer, and some of them so-called malware can even harm your computer. It is also easy to remove, because this day your personal data can be stolen by these small programs. A firewall will help your computer more secure.

4th Defrag your hard drive

Your hard disk becomes fragmented, as you use it. This simply means that all programs can be distributed, all over your hard drive, so that it take longer to load programs and files. Defraging your hard drive on a monthly basis will speed up your PC and keep it running fast.

5th Scanning and removal of viruses

Computer viruses can run in the background and you can not even know that they exist. This eats space and slow down your computer - or worse. Get a good antivirus program that detect and remove viruses, and that will keep your computer healthy.

6th Turn off unused programs

Windows brings additional programs in its software, and you probably do not use a lot of them. Of course, this eats space and slow down your computer. You can make your PC faster by disabling.

If any of the above, you will notice that your computer is quickly - if you have not taken steps recently. Each step must be regularly carried out to better PC performance you want. Given these steps will speed up slow PC. Can you also want to discover some tips to improve your PC performance by looking for certain Windows program you use. Some tips may be specific to your particular versions of Windows.

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