Friday, May 16, 2008

Simple Ways To Transfer Music To Your PSP

It is not as a surprise to hear that its PSP handheld console will also play music for you. All you need is a Memory Stick Duo to store and play MP3 files on a USB cable with a mini-B connector.

A major aspect of the PSP is that you can play WAVs files, and songs encoded in the AAC, ATRACs, WMAs, MP3 and UMD formats. Although the PSP, regardless of model number, especially on game for you, it is now possible to play your favorite music on your PSP. Here is the process, as you can do:

1st Select a Memory Stick to hold your music files. The bigger the memory of your Memory Stick, the more music can hold. It is advisable to the Memory Stick Duo, because the other kind (Memory Stick Pro Duo) may not be able to view all your music files. You should also stick a memory of at least 2.00 standard version, or even higher than that if possible.

2nd Turn on the PSP.

3rd Get a USB cable and connect your PSP to your PC or Mac with a USB cable. The end of your USB cable attached to the PSP should be a mini-B connector, while the other end of a standard USB connector to plug into the PC or Mac.

4th Take your PSP-home menu and go to Preferences.

5th Under "Settings" You should be able to browse for the USB connection "icon.

6th Press the X-BUTTON. This allows your PSP to show the USB-mode "indicator so that the computer you are using (either a PC or Mac) can see the PSP as a USB storage device.

7th Look for a folder on the Memory Stick, which states that "PSP" or "Portable Storage Device". If your Memory Stick is missing such a folder, then still a legend that the way to the PC's Window Explorer or Mac Finder. Within this "PSP" folder or similar designated folder you can create a new folder with the words "music".

8th You can now drag and drop a certain number of audio files in the "MUSIC" folder as you would with other folder on your PC. You have to understand what your PSP music formats, you can do on the ground, although this because your PSP can be designed for a particular music format, such as MP3.

9.Look for the Recycle Bin icon on your Mac and drag and drop your drive icon to the trash icon to disconnect the PSP console. If you own a PC, then you have to search first for the lower menu bar on the icon with the "Safely Remove Hardware" command in the menu bar, then click on it.

You may now remove the USB cable and then press the circle button, so you get back to the home menu.
And that's basically it! Now you can use your PSP as a music player. The advantage of using the PSP as a music player is that it offers very good quality music out, especially if you are on high-end headphones to listen in.

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