Friday, May 2, 2008

Monitor Your Heart Condition With Jacket

Today, various medical devices to help millions of people healthier and to monitor their health. Unfortunately, the heart problems are not uncommon today, so that the monitoring of heart gadgets more popular than the other. Regular monitoring of heart gadgets show information about heart rate, blood pressure, in some cases, sugar level - that is basic information that many people need to look for. But sometimes knowledge of these basic parameters will not be sufficient to see a real picture of your health, this is the reason why it is necessary for complex and multi-functional devices. Like this, that all the heart-monitoring tools in a straitjacket.

Vital jacket is a very versatile heart-monitoring system in a wearable form in the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Joining textile and microelectronics, it was designed to be able to monitor health status in different life situations. It has all the skills to high quality monitoring vital signs from a heart rate to a full electrocardiogram of a patient, and is very comfortable to wear. It can work, even if the patient is on the go, running or working so that this jacket can be useful for fitness purposes. The data can be stored on the SD card and later analyzed or it can immediately on the screen of the PDA or Smartphone - the method depends on the model you choose, the HWM100 or HWM200.

This jacket is a good example, how should the health monitoring devices to be implemented - there is no better way than the clothes. If this idea developed, and these technologies, we will no longer need regular medical examination - all in real time and if anything bad could happen, you will certainly know that in advance. It can be very useful for the sport, the real-time information on heart rate, which is very useful if you carefully plan your exercises. This jacket can be bought for 399 euro for the HWM100 or HWM200 model.

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