Saturday, May 10, 2008

Go For Open Source Software

"Open source is a set of principles and practices, how to write software, the most important is that the source code openly available"

The Free Software Movement was founded in 1983. In 1998, a group of people argued that the concept of free software replaced by open-source software (OSS) as the expression is less clear and more comfortable for the corporate world. Software developers May want to publish their software with an open-source license, so that everyone can include the development of the same software or understand how it works.

Benefits of Open Source Software:

Low Cost
No need to buy expensive server software licenses or renew. The service includes all required software, and never requires no additional software.

Efficient work
The main reason is the virus is free. Even less does it with hardware configuration. They will not demand that the higher hardware configuration.

Almost all software releases contains errors. If a mistake in proprietary software, the only people who can fix, the original developers, because only they have access to the source code. Open source software is different. Since a large number of users can access and change the code, bugs are generally more visible and more rapidly corrected. One of the slogans of the Open Source movement is that "enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow"

Closed-source applications can only be adjusted or adapted from the original dealer. Open-source applications can be adjusted by anyone with the necessary skills. Thus, open-source software can be easily adapted to the specific needs of users. Even if you do not even program, it is easy to a feature request for an open-source software project's home page. If you want something added or customized urgently, you can usually pay a suitably qualified software developers to do it for you.

With access to the source code, it is easy to translate the language of the software interface. Large commercial closed source software vendors are generally not prepared to translate their products in less widely used languages, as the market for them would be too small to profit guarantee.

Easy learning from examples
If you are interested in programming, open-source code provides an excellent resource from which to learn and open-source projects offer a practical environment in which to test your skills. Just watch the development process can be an education in itself. If your code to an open-source project, it is generally reviewed and commented on by experienced programmers. Have you convinced the community project, your code is of adequate quality, may be granted full rights Commando sitter itself.

Large community and become a part of it
With the adoption of open source software are part of a community of users and developers who have an interest in working together to support each other and improve the software. The extent to which you are with this community is up to you, but you can the intangible benefits of goodwill, if you do.

There are leading software vendors and development, offer a range of powerful open-source software, the zero-risk, low-cost functionality. Instead of expensive and risky approach of building a custom site from scratch class uses a good base system and simply plug in proven modules as needed.

Popular Open Source Software:

• osCommerce - E-commerce application
• Zen Cart - E-commerce application
• Joomla - Content Management System
• TYPO3 - Enterprise Level Content Management System
• X-cart - E-commerce application
• Cs-cart - E-commerce application
• WordPress - blog system
• phpBB - Discussion Forum
• Drupal - Content Management System
• Moodle - Learning Management System
• PHPNuke - Content Management Portal
• Mambo - Content Management Portal

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