Thursday, June 11, 2009

The power station in your pocket

Whether it's an iPod, digital camera, mobile phone, PDA or PSP, is one possibility or electric gadgets that have run out of juice when you have left charger at home or miles from the nearest electrical socket.

Or to be frank, you have been let down by its own) forget to charge the battery in the first place and b) does not carry a freeloader Solar Charger in your pocket.

Freeloader all need to get in the mood for Dispensing power is the sun (and if the sun's gone AWOL, because the night for example), you can be charged via USB port.

The solar panel charges the internal battery as a freeloader just eight hours - it only takes three hours when using the USB cable charging. And by itself for up to three months, and will be ready to provide drugs at the time's notice to the various electrical gadgets.

Freeloader that can power an iPod for 18 hours, for up to 44 hours the phone, your PSP for more than two hours and 22 minutes for a PDA.

Comes complete with 11 adapters to connect to the freeloader for Nokia phones (3.5mm jack old and new 2mm jack) including the LG Prada mobile phone, Sony Ericsson K750 and K800i current series phones, Nintendo DS Lite, most iPod devices including iPhone and iPhone 3G ), and more.

It also has a 4mm jack for Sony PSP, Tom Tom, most digital cameras, PDAs and two-way radio plus a mini USB for Motorola, Blackberry, Qtec, Smartphone, imate, most digital camera and a Bluetooth headset, and USB for women PDAs, MP3 player, digital cameras and most devices that can be charged via USB.

In short, it's got the base covered.

Even come in color choices - silver or pink.

Freeloader available online only £ 29.99 from IWOOT.

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