Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Weather Watch

It's pleasing to discover that our obsession with the weather is shared by inanimate objects. Like the Meteo Weather Watch for instance.

Not content with telling you the time and doing the usual digital watch stuff (it's got a stopwatch, and calendar and alarm functions) - this little fellow is never happier than when predicting the weather. It's like having Michael Fish on your wrist, although hopefully a little more accurate when a storm's approaching.

The Weather Watch predicts the weather for 12 and 24 hours ahead by measuring barometric pressure trends. I don't know what that means either, but even I can follow the four easy to read icons that tell you in no uncertain terms whether it's going to be rainy, cloudy, partly cloudy or sunny.

And if the storm clouds do gather and the heavens open, you'll be equally pleased to discover that it has a backlight function for easy viewing in low light conditions and that it's water resistant up to 30m (98 feet in old money).

Order your Weather Watch today from The Gadget Shop for £39.99.


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