Saturday, July 12, 2008

vote! iPhone 2.0 update makes it much more interesting as a smartphone

All iPhone owners must be very excited by this month's recent events. Launch of iPhone 3G, iTunes 7.7 update, App store appearance... But that's not all. iPhone 3G launch introduced new firmware 2.0, which will be available for all iPhone users, even for the old-gen iPhone! This firmware has many long awaited features and it greatly enhances usability and versatility of Apple's iPhone. Let us look at new features that will be accessible to both old iPhone and iPhone 3G users.

With this update Apple made a huge step forward to business sector of customers. Maybe this time Windows Mobile will be outperformed? FW 2.0 gives iPhone full support for Microsoft Exchange Activesync, push email, calendar and contacts synchronization. Enterprise-grade networking with Cisco IPSec VPN and WPA2 Enterprise support is really a very interesting features for corporate clients. iPhones email client now handles more types of attachments, now it supports iWork and Microsoft Powerpoint files. Email client was reworked to be even more productive and organized. Contacts search function will help those who have a lot of contacts in his addressbook to easily find every single person. Scientific calculator expansion makes it a bit more useful for engineering and financial calculations, not to forget about students who often need a scientific calculator in their pocket. At last Apple thought of users with native language different to English - 2.0 update includes many additional languages, including Korean, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese... One of the biggest additions is full support of newly opened iPhone Applications store, which already offers variety of games and programs to download and purchase. Last but not least, it is the MobileMe function, which can be easily used for fast and comfortable email, calendar and contacts sync between all your devices.

With this update Apple made a big step forward of transforming iPhone into a powerful tool. Users of iPod Touch will not be left alone either - iTouch will also be able to update to new 2.0 firmware, and will have most of its functions. It is a very interesting move by Apple, which greatly increases the amount of customers of Apps Store and uniting the iPhone and iPod Touch users into one big community. It is interesting whether update 2.0 will change the positions of Windows Mobile as leading platform for corporate clients?

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